Fender Showmaster Q SSS

Completed first pass, fret’s needed dressing but none needed to be replaced, so good news. Truss rod works fine. Pulled plastic nut will craft bone nut to fit. Tuners do there job well.Conditioned fret board, looks very nice! Electrics check out, these Seymour Duncan’s are vintage wired and Fender have completed everything to this spec too. Pulled pups higher in the socket so I have more adjustment. Trem sustain block is brass as is the trem mounting plate, need some adjustment here,  will set this up floating when I am finished. Back of neck is too sticky so cut that back to satin, very nice feel to it now. Took some pics to show progress, will finish off over next week or so. The top is a thick maple cap around 6 or 7mm, the quilt is very nice. Build quality is very good. Dot inlays are Abalone, neck has 24 medium jumbo frets. Rosewood on mahogany I think but not sure.


This is shaping up to be an awesome guitar.

Finished off the details, bone nut fitted, adjusted trem system to fully floating and set up.



Really deep tone, unlike a typical Strat, this is warmer and broader. Sound bite below, clean channel, simple chord progression for each and all switch positions.

Sounds and plays as good as it looks!