Vintage AFD Paradise

Another refurb. Vintage AFD Paradise. Kept the wood, everything else went. Replaced with Kluson tuners, machined bone nut, Seymour Duncan Antiquities PAF pups, Tone Pros Bridge and Tail stop, CTS pots, special supply  PIO tone caps and a treble bleed circuit on the volume pots. CTS jack, and pup selector, vintage wiring throughout and completely EM screened. Possibly the best player I have ever come across, superb fretboard and sublime tone. In a blindfold test you would be forgiven for thinking this was a £2000/£3000 guitar.

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Vintage V99 Cherry Sunburst

Belongs to my Son, needed a complete refurbish, kept the wood and tuners, threw almost everything else away! The Seymour Duncan Slash II pups were spares I had in the workshop. Reamed the holes and fitted new short shaft 500k CTS pots from stock, Orange drop 0.047uF  caps as recommended by SD, Switchcraft pup selector switch and jack socket. Surprisingly the wiring harness was good quality miniature coax, perfect for guitars. Fret dress was significant but worth it, produced a very fast fret board. Bridge was Gotoh with existing tail stop. I set the control knobs proud of the body to make it easier to roll the volume pots, just gives a better grip for your pinky!! Action was set low and pup poles tonally balanced across the pup and between each pup to give the guitar that sparkle and balance. Awesome sounding guitar, playability is superb.

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People don’t believe me when I tell them about the wood on these early Vintage brand LP’s; the back is a beautiful two piece matched mahogany with a solid maple cap. What lets the guitar down is the components and the set up but for the money I guess thats about right.