Fender Stratocaster FMT SSS Cherry Sunburst

Didn’t need much, check over and set up including trem reset to non floating, action and intonation. Found a sweet spot for the pick up height that works really well with the tone slightly rolled off. Neck is awesome, Japanese maple with rosewood fret board. Nice piece of rosewood too. Back is satin finish and super smooth, definitely on a par with USA necks and it shows, very playable. Grovers are solid. Body is a beautiful near mint maple (real maple not a veneer) over alder, beautiful sunburst finish. Pick-ups are standard and very “strat” when in their sweet spot; unplugged the guitar has a very clear full tone, very nice indeed.

Sound clip is simple clean chord progression, starting with neck pup and then each of the 5 switch positions in turn. Apologies for some “noise” but my studio (office) isn’t set up for serious recording.