Not a Gibson R9 Les Paul (Chibson)


OK it’s a Chibson, it is what it is and no one would mistake it for the real thing even blindfolded!! It is stunning to look at though! After handling it for a few hours as is, I saw this as a blues/rock guitar, not too driven. Frets are medium jumbo so smooth bends and slides are a definite, had to replace one fret and then dress the whole neck setting action to around just less than 1.5mm across the whole neck, which is how I like it. Replaced plastic nut with a bone nut, replaced stock bridge with a Schaller roller bridge in keeping with my tone expectations. Removed the gloop they had on the neck back as it was just too sticky, nice satin feel now and it feels very comfortable. Stock tuners do there job well. Polished frets and conditioned fret board, checked action and set intonation, neck done!

The stock pups were voiced ok for my intentions but the output was a little too low to drive the amp so fitted a set of Wilkinson vintage PAF pups I had here. Wiring and pots were OK but I chose to replace anyway with CTS and Switchcraft where necessary.

Plugged in clean channel, sounds very nice, great blue’sy sound, full and warm. Dig in and it drives my amp OK, not heavy but will do rock well.

Sound clip below, simple chord progression, clean, neck, middle and bridge.

Biggest surprise is how well this guitar turned out. Neck is really, really nice, not fat but not thin, well, just right! Weight is a pleasure after an hour with the “real thing”. Now it’s no R9 but it is real easy to play and the tone is right for the intended use.

Here is the headstock, its blatant copying by the Chinese and in no way do I support this activity, but what is most interesting is that this is a guitar that could easily stand on its own once sorted, in its own name, but the cost of sorting is high and probably not worth it if you had to but it from China too.



Now sold. Feedabck following a courtesy call follow up to Phil who bought this guitar, he said “its a keeper” , “stock pups really good”, “fitted 11’s to suite my playing style” . “If you find a black Custom and fettle it, I am interested”. So I will be looking for a custom.