Recent Projects

Fender Showmaster Quilt SSS

Completed first pass, fret’s needed dressing but none needed to be replaced, so good news. Truss rod works fine. Pulled plastic nut will craft bone nut to fit. Tuners do there job well.Conditioned fret board, looks very nice! Electrics check out, these Seymour Duncan’s are vintage wired and Fender have completed everything to this spec too. Pulled pups higher in the socket so I have more adjustment. Trem sustain block is brass as is the trem mounting plate, need some adjustment here,  will set this up floating when I am finished. Back of neck is too sticky so cut that back to satin, very nice feel to it now. Took some pics to show progress, will finish off over next week or so. The top is a thick maple cap around 6 or 7mm, the quilt is very nice. Build quality is very good


This is shaping up to be an awesome guitar!

Fender Stratocaster FMT SSS

Just a set up, everything else OK. Body is Mexican I think or possibly Korean. Neck is Japanese and really very easy to play. Vintage frets are a pleasant change to jumbo’s! Unplugged the guitar has a real depth and warmth to the tone.Would make a good rig for a set of upmarket pups.

Vintage v100 TSB

Light refurb and set up: Fret dress, fret board recondition, check nut fit and depth of string groove cuts and match to fret board radius, check string spacing and nut width, adjust string action as required, check and adjust intonation, adjust pick-up pole height for tonal balance and overall pick-up balance. Checked all electrics are good. Nice guitar, plays very well. Sound is good enough. If I am picky I would have dropped a pair of Seymour Duncan or Bare Knuckle pups in here and upgraded electrics; the playing pleasure of this guitar makes it worth it.



Vintage AFD Paradise

Complete refurb. See separate insert. Wonderful guitar. SD Antiquities are a delicate and thought provoking pup. Not in your face but articulate. Nice upgrade for the guitar sound connoisseur.



Vintage Lemon Drop

Set up and fit Bare Knuckle Peter Green PAFs with full Bare Knuckle harness etc. Fret dress and fret board conditioning, bone nut, Tone Pros bridge and tail stop, Switchcraft pup selector and jack socket. Nailed Greeny’s sound! Would recommend this upgrade to anyone. Sound-bite below, first neck position, then middle and then bridge.