Vintage Lemon Drop non Re-issue

Nice guitar just needed a setup and a few bits replaced to improve the play ability and tone. Dressed frets and polished, already had a bone nut but cut too high, re-cut nut to improve playability at that end of fret board. Pups OK but pots crackling and selector switch jumping out of rythm back to middle. Replaced pots with CTS and a new pup selector switch. Set up and ready to rock!!

Seen a few of these now, fundamentally good guitars and with a good setup really shine. For this one action set to 1.5mm at 22nd fret dropping to less than 0.5 at 1st fret. Intonation spot on.  Had one of these in before, did all the above and then upgraded pups with Bare Knuckle PG’s  …. awesome sound, great player ….. the guitar is good enough to warrant it.