Upcoming projects …

Fender Showmaster SSS (MIK). Mainly TLC and set up. Wonderful looker though.


Fender Strat FMT SSS Cherry Sunburst. Fender Japan neck, standard pups.

Looks awesome, cant wait to get this one done and plugged in!

Next is a all mahogany (no maple cap) LP style with p90’s that I have to take back to wood and oil. I have already removed the Gold Top finish. Needs a refret, will go for medium jumbo but with lowish height.

Next is a Chibson “authentic” R9. Second Chibson I have had through my hands, first one was an LP Supreme copy, ended up OK. This one I am not sure about though, will need a lot of tlc. Will post pictures as I progress. Does look very nice though, wont show the headstock but you can guess what it says!

Next is a new Tokia LS2-Q Reborn Old. Really beautiful guitar. Plays well out of the box but I can improve it significantly. The sound from this guitar needs no work at all its powerful, articulate and very clear. Thought these pics would wet your appetite!!

Some talk of a few Strats and Teles and an Explorer! Will post pics when I have sight of the guitars.